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QHSE Policy
Integrated Quality, Environment, Safety Policy
Reason for change: First Issue
Our Integrated Management Policy reflects our top management commitment to quality, safety and environmental performance. This policy forms the framework upon which our organization sets its objectives and targets, and is the driver for implementing and improving our integrated management system so that we can maintain and improve our safety, environmental and quality performance whilst complying with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Integrated management policy statment
By taking the three most important business management standards and integrate those into a single philosophy, Royal Cosmetic intends to achieve continuous improvement of all of our business activities and to maintain our position as the industry leader in Cosmetics. Royal Cosmetic’s mission is to suit the customer's requirements but also to exceed the customer expectations. Through the application of our integrated Safety, Environment and Quality Management System, RC will provide products with safety, quality and environmental protection as the highest priorities in all that we do.
In order to achieve this we will:
bullet Maintain a safe workplace by prevention of work related injury and ill health and promote the safety, health and satisfy of all employees, customers and contractors, at all times;
bullet Systematically and continually improve environmental performance and to the greatest extent possible influencing others to do the same, by preventing pollution, recycling waste, monitoring, tracking and reporting our environmental performance and promoting and practicing sustainable values, principles and practices.
bullet Go beyond compliance in relation to applicable environmental regulations and exceed other environmental standards from within the environmental industry in order to ensure that we are continually demonstrating best practice.
bullet Identify, document, monitor, measure and continuously improve the sustainability, quality and safety of our business processes,
bullet Ensure the delivery of the highest possible quality products and services; and achieve the greatest possible customer satisfaction with every single client we work with Apply a risk management philosophy and practice that aims to identify and eliminate safety hazards and problems wherever possible, and where this cannot be achieved, implement appropriate control measures to manage the risks at a level that is as low as reasonably practicable as per hierarchy of controls;
bullet Set achievable objectives and targets for: safety, environment and quality and; measure and monitor our performance against these targets;
bullet Ensure on-going compliance with all applicable legislation, mandatory guidelines, codes, standards and other relevant requirements;
bullet Clearly define the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of all our team; and provide them with industry and professional training as well as opportunities to advance their careers
bullet Involvement of our team in the decision making processes, Consult with, involve and encourage feedback from our customers, our team, the community and other interested Parties to assist us in continually improving our products and services;
bullet Provide sufficient and suitable resources to implement, maintain and continuously improve all aspects and impacts of our safety, environment and quality performance;
Management Representative Chairman
Eng/ El-Sayed El-Atrosh Eng/ Mahmoud Alam El-Din
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